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We are one of the best financial advising firms in India, delivering all kinds of investment advice under one roof.

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What We Provide



Monitoring & Rebalancing


Doing the Best

Saving Tax



Achieving Financial


Availing Suitable


Doing the Best

Financial position assessment report


Assess your financial position

Assess your income, expenses, assets, liabilities to understand your financial position.

Financial goals or target


Set your financial goals

Define when and how much money would you need at various points of time to achieve your goals.

Generation of financial plan


Assess your risk

Assess your risk taking ability with help of a psychometric Risk Assessment Test

Doing investments as per recommendations of 7Prosper


Generate your financial plan

Get personalized recommendations over Mutual Funds, NPS, PPF, FD/RD, Insurances, Loans and other Tax Saving Schemes out of thousands in the market, that are best for you to achieve your goals. Also know when and how much to invest in which scheme!

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Execute your financial plan

Once the plannning is done, you can execute it through the platform of your choice. We also provide you our FREE platform to do all the recommended Mutual Fund investments without charging any commission.

Our Stages


Our Representative fills out a questionnaire to assess your current position.


Our Expert team of analysts prepares a plan of action based on the details.


Our Portfolio Managers and back-end team execute the necessary investments converting words into actions.

Monitor & Adjust

The performance of your investments are regularly tracked and assessed, so changes can be made for optimum returns.

Investment Advisory Services

Wealth management is a difficult endeavour. Let us simplify things for you. Our investment advisory service focuses on managing portfolios of high-net-worth clients to track, consolidate, and manage taxation and dashboards as per their customized needs and give overall advisory.

Retirement Planning

Your post-retirement finances will be completely supervised. You can reach complete financial stability with the help of our financial advisory services, and we'll make sure that you can retire and lead a fulfilling life. Right Horizons can assist you in creating the ideal future you have in mind.

Financial Planning Lite

As part of this financial planning service, we perform a thorough assessment of a client's present and future financial circumstances by analysing the dependent variables, such as income, current investments, and goals, in order to forecast future cash flow and pinpoint any gaps preventing you from achieving your objectives.

Tax Planning

One of the key aspects of financial advisory services is tax planning which reduces tax liability and maximizes investor wealth. We help analyze a financial situation and efficiently plan taxes. Tax planning is the analysis of a financial situation. The purpose of tax planning is to ensure tax efficiency and maximize your savings.

Child Education Plan

Financial planning is a comprehensive evaluation of an investors current and future financial state by evaluating the dependent variables like income, existing investment and goals to predict the future cash flow and identifying the gaps to achieve your goals.

Estate Planning

It's a complex process of managing, transferring, and disposal of a person's estate during the person's life and also after his death. Our financial advisory service brings this complex process to a client's fingertip and helps them to plan their estate with client-centric, trustworthy solutions.

Corporate Offering

We support the activities involved in providing the stocks to the people in order to increase the capital amount that leads to incremental growth. We regard our valuable customers in dealing with the liquidity problems raised by the individuals. Under our corporate investment advisory service, we constantly improve the financial performance of the corporate and provide you with extraordinary future financial operations that make the organization grow at an extreme level.

Family Office Services

Business houses or Families that manage substantial amounts of wealth are always in need of financial advice and legal aid. We work with Tax and Legal Experts to ensure all procedures and processes flow smoothly.